Wine Tasting @Hunter Valley

"The first vines in the Hunter Valley were planted by families in the 1820s, making the Hunter Valley the oldest wine region in Australia. Hunter Valley semillon is widely considered the iconic wine of the region, but the Hunter also produces wine from a wide variety of grapes including shiraz, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and verdelho..."


Vivian Chow @Cafe Waiting Love

In this world,


is waiting for someone...


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House was inscribed in the World Heritage List in June 2007:

"Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century. It represents multiple strands of creativity, both in architectural form and structural design, a great urban sculpture carefully set in a remarkable waterscape and a world famous iconic building..."



Moo Gourment Burgers @Bondi Beach

Go to Bondi Beach in the cloudy afternoon. Then try this famous burger recommended on the web. Classic Beef Burger and Apple Cider are perfect matched! The burger is so juicy!


Lowenbrau Keller @Sydney

Gather with another friend from vineyard in Red Cliffs. She takes me to this German Restaurant tasting Oven roasted Pork Knuckle at The Rock. This is my first time eating in German Restaurant. When we look at the menu, have no idea at all, it takes us a long time to study^_^! Finally, we order Knusprige Schweinshax’n and Löwenbräu’s Bräuteller.


Santa @Darling Harbour

Christmas decoration at Darling Harbour

Luna Park @Sydney

"4 October 1935, Luna Park opens with rides relocated from Luna Park Glenelg. The concept is based on the success of the first Luna Park which opened on Coney Island, New York in 1903. American entrepreneur Herman Philips and others brought the idea to Australia and opened Luna Park Melbourne in 1912 and Luna Park Glenelg, Adelaide in 1930..."

Sydney Harbour Bridge

"Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour. It is fondly known by the locals as the 'Coathanger' because of its arch-based design..."

Bondi Beach

"Bondi is also the home of Australian surf-lifesaving. The Bondi Life Saving Club, formed in 1906, is Australia's oldest. In summer it is patrolled by volunteer lifesavers, making sure swimmers stay between Australia's iconic red and yellow beach safety flags..."


Strawberry Watermelon Cake @Black Star Pastry and Cafe

I enjoy the legendary Watermelon Cake finally. Good balance with watermelon and cream, crispy and appropriate sweet, it is absolutely refreshing!!! Amedei Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte is relatively sweet:-P


Sydney Central Station

Opened on 4 August 1906, Central Station is the third station to be built in its vicinity since the first station opened 51 years earlier.


Working in Blueberry Field

As Gann's theory - Wheel within a Wheel, I cannot wander in city anymore, and back to farm, even though I was once so determined......

Working in Blueberry Field is relatively relaxing for me, as I have trained for one year! The difference is the situation, all works are arranged by my roommate+coworker. So, like Bohemian lifestyle, drift to different blueberry fields everyday, by contract sometimes, by hour sometimes...I always eat blueberry when working, if it is by hour:-P

Kangaroo in Blueberry Field, it is odd when we look at each other:-P


Humpback Whale Observation @Woolgoolga

"The annual migration of Humpback Whales which can be observed from the Woolgoolga Headland between May & October."


Langar @Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Woolgoolga

Langar: Every gurdwara has a langar where all people are welcome to a free meal regardless of their sex, colour or religion. There are no rituals observed in the langar (kitchen) and everyone eats together. All the food is vegetarian so that no religious group is offended.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji established the langar because he rejected the Hindu caste system where people of different castes do not eat together. Guru Nanak Dev Ji wanted to stress the idea that everyone is equal. Everyone shares the tasks of preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning. This shows sewa - selfless service to the others in the sadhsangat (community), the gurdwara, and the world outside.

Guru Nanak Sikh Temple is the architecural landmark of Woolgoolga, a huge and imposing white structure, that's the town's main attraction. It was built by the town's Sikh residents whose ancestors travelled to the North Coast around the time of Australian Federation.


Wandering @Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

I've been to paradise...
But never been to me...

This Charlene's song depicts me exactly... Surfers Paradise is an ideal place definitely. However, it is quite hard for me to get a good job. So, I have to leave reluctantly and suddenly.


Sunday @Point Danger

"Point Danger is situated on the New South Wales/Queensland border. It was named by Captain James Cook on his 1770 journey up the east coast of Australia to warn later mariners of dangerous coral reefs off this treacherous coast."


Pancakes in Paradise

One of my wish is going to Pancakes in Paradise, and fulfil on my birthday...

Fresh Strawberry and Mochaccino

Sunset @Surfers Paradise

"One day," you said to me, "I saw the sunset forty-four times!"

And a little later you added:

"You know--one loves the sunset, when one is so sad..."


Sunrise @Surfers Paradise

Friends suggested to watch sunset at Surfers Paradise last night. At a result, two miss, just Mr. Francis and me come. Anyway, it is so nice to watch the sunset~


Amimoto Japanese Restaurant

It is said that Amimoto is the best Japanese Restaurant in Surfers Paradise. It is fabulous indeed!

Sea World @Gold Coast

Life is full of unexpected, who know some friends from Bundaberg come to Gold Coast suddenly, and I revisit Sea World within 1 week.

Therefore, I visit Penguin Encounter instantly!!! King Penguin and Gentoo Penguin are like fashion model, stand still for us taking photos, so adorable>~<


Sea World @Gold Coast

The weather is fluctuating today, rain in the morning and afternoon, thank god, sunny at the noon. We have a happy time in Sea World.


Dreamworld @Gold Coast

2nd Theme Park: Dreamworld @Gold Coast

Back pain still, I cannot play any ride, just wander around the park and take photos. Fortunately, there are many animals to see~


SkyPoint Observation Deck Gold Coast

To my surprise, the pass of theme park include SkyPoint Observation Deck Gold Coast (Obviously, I haven't done homework^_^!). It is nice to take a panoramic view of Gold Coast!

Warner Bros Movie World @Gold Coast

1000 thanks my friends for taking me to 3 theme parks in Gold Coast. I was once determined that not go to the parks before, and not play the rides. However, here I come, and have a precious moment.

I used to love watching Animaniacs and Batman when I was small. It is enjoyable to visit Warner Bros Movie World, seeing my old friends.


Skydiving @Byron Bay

I have overcome Acrophobia!!!

Actually during the whole process, I felt calm, it was totally out of my expect!

I used to think that just take one in my life, I gonna dive more as possible, I am loving it!

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse was constructed in 1901, standing on the most easterly point of Australia.

1000 Thanks to Mars, for taking us to skydive, and Byron Bay Lighthouse afterwards.

BTW, I have just learnt that Byron Bay is in New South Wales! Here I am:-P


Shingle Inn Cafe @Brisbane City Hall

Thank Mr. Joe for taking me to Shingle Inn Cafe at Brisbane City Hall, decor so classic~

Charlotte Royale & Decadent Affogatto


Chocolateria San Churro

Back to Brisbane, old friend takes me to Chocolateria San Churro


The Wheel Of Brisbane

It is the last day in Brisbane, as I gonna to Gold Coast tomorrow morning. I take a ride in The Wheel Of Brisbane finally!!!

Sunset @1770 Beach

Seventeen Seventy was Captain James Cook's 2nd landing in May 1770. His 1st landing is now the state of Queensland.

1000 Thanks to Dennis and Cathy, for taking me to 1770 Beach, to see the beautiful sunset, giving me a Last and Beautiful memory in Hell-Berg (Bundaberg).


Working in Strawberry Field

In June, as I didn't wanna stay in Brisbane anymore, and my eyes were covered by $19/hr of strawberry packing, I rushed to another notorious place - Bundaberg, without think twice... I have struggled in two most notorious places in Australia - Mildura and Bundaberg, hahaha...

I have strong feeling that it is my last day today... After work, Ms Boss says, thank you and sorry to three of us...


Tina Arena - Only Lonely


Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends


Love Letter - Small Happiness

Mr: Woody How r u?

Me: I...am...fine...

Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Another tedious day-off, like the weather today: Cloudy and Cold. All tentatively scheduled activities are blown out, as usual. A friend suggests for a walk, then we visit Bundaberg Rum Distillery. Unexpectedly, it only takes 15mins walk from my accommodation.


Bundaberg Barrel @Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Isn't it wonderful that, the production site of one well-known drink, Bundaberg Ginger Beer, just close to my accommodation, less than 5min walk??? Naturally, we visit Bundaberg Barrel, as we have to go to post office, pass by and take a glance:-P


Aya Ueto @Oshin

I always say: "The Best Is Yet To Come". However, the reality is: "No Worst, But Worse..." Really feel frustrated... When watching Oshin's story, I gain encouragement once more, for the good sake of someone important, Carry On!!!

五月天 x 凡人譜 - Belief 給等待春天的你

有多少的眼淚 隱藏在你的笑顏?
有多少的笑容 只是為了獻給誰?

現在 雪開始融化

不論多遠 你的願望會實現
人群後默默流乾了眼淚 最好的慰藉 就是繼續大步向前
你的足跡 祈求等待著春天
面向故鄉的 那一條路

就算被懷疑 就算被背叛 依然相信
為了明天而努力挺過來了 不是嗎?

又一次 無限延伸開來

不論多辛苦 都相信著明天
在夜半時分 把堆積的思念 藏在心裡 繼續大步前進
你的眼神 溫暖的手掌
就像在陰霾天空下 綻放的花朵

懷抱夢想 擁有期待
就像你一樣 歌頌著所有

你的努力 祈求等待著春天的來臨
面向故鄉的 那個笑顏
不管日子過得怎麼樣 都不要感到挫折
像花朵一樣 綻放 你就是你


Fishing @Burnett River

Beautiful Sunday~ Isn't it beautiful to go fishing after just only 1hr work and BEING SCOLDED UNACCOUNTABLY...???


Bargara Beach

Another day off, hang out with colleagues at Bargara Beach. Laid back and enjoy the moment~ BTW, I have learned a little bit skateboard!

Eat Love Pray

Keep grounded so it's like you have four legs
That way you can stay in this world
Also no looking at world through your head
Look through your heart instead
That way you will know god


Crabbing @Burnett River

There is no sufficient work even in July... Just work for only ONE hour today and off duty at 13:00, damn!!!. Colleagues suggest to go crabbing at Burnett River. Haven't been there before, so go with them. It is good to change of bad mood~


Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 1

How time flies! 20 years have passed! Feel wonderful to see Sailor Moon again, and the remake one is based on original work. I always think that the original is so epic, especially Part 1!


Michael Jackson - Ben


Kaze Tachinu

Le vent se lève! Il faut tenter de vivre!

Juri Ueno @Hidamari No Kanojo

Watch Japanese movie Hidamari No Kanojo (Girl in the Sunny Place) finally. Simple but moving screenplay, beautiful cinematography, Juri Ueno's natural acting, Beach Boys' song - Wouldn't It Be Nice, make the movie poetic. I am totally immersed in it......

Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice


Indulge Cafe

Sharehouse girl takes me to the best cafe in Bundaberg. I have determined to try this Bomboloni - Italian doughnut last night! Isn't it so epic!?!?!? And the coffee, Vienna, is not my cup of coffee:-P


Europe - The Final Countdown


Bargara Beach

Day off suddenly. Sharehouse roommate said before that Bargara Beach nearby was beautiful. So I go to the beach. It is so beautiful indeed!

PS: Mr. Driver is so nice, he reminds me when and where take the last bus~

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