Cherry Blossom @Tokyo Imperial Palace

OH LA LA!!! To my disappointment, I could not book in advance the ticket of Ghibli Museum, one of my destination in Tokyo orz. I have not choice to cut off and reschedule. It racks my brain to think about it. I believe it is a must visit Tokyo Imperial Palace, where Emperor live. The palace is so vast and should be peaceful (if Chinese visitors not coming LOL). Even though there are not many Cherry Blossom species, the scene is elegant. We spend one lovely afternoon there. And it is nice to view sunset at House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan.

Kokyogaien National Garden

Kikyo-mon Gate / Imperial Palace & Imperial Household Agency

Sakashita-mon Gate
Sakashita-mon Incident - In 1862, six samurai from Mito Domain attempted to assassinate Ando outside the Sakashita Gate of Edo Castle. Ando barely survived the attempt.

Imperial Palace Front Plaza

Imperial Palace

Nijubashi Bridge (Double Bridge)
Two bridges span the moat which starts at Imperial Palace Front Plaza and continues to the palace. The first is Main Gate Stone Bridge and behind it is Main Gate Iron Bridge.

Sakurada-mon Gate
Sakurada-mon Incident - Assassination of Japanese Chief Minister (Tairō) Ii Naosuke (1815–1860) on 24 March 1860 by rōnin samurai of the Mito Domain, outside the Sakurada Gate of Edo Castle.

House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan
My brother says that no one takes photo here. In a blink of an eye, a guy takes photo in front of us LOL

Parliamentary Museum

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