Wedding Cake Rock @Royal National Park

So Close Yet So Far......

Due to safety reason, the area has still been closed, and a guardian is over there, no longer take photo on Wedding Cake Rock. Nevertheless, we attempt close to the rock and take photo for an hour:-P

Guardian is over there-_-zzz

There is an obvious crack, so dangerous!!!

It is beautiful day~~~


Lovely parrot

Lovely car

His brother!?

Two weeks later, another friend suddenly suggests go to Wedding Cake Rock this Thursday. Weather forecast reports that it gonna rain. Fortunately, the weather is quite good. In the morning, we take the train from Hurstville to Cronulla, then take the ferry to Bundeena.

Cronulla Wharf
To my surprise, it charges $6.8 for one way!!! Not using Opal Card!!!

Start off! The whether is good, feel so good~~~

The houses at the shore are so unique~

Bundeena Wharf
It just takes around 20 minutes.

It takes around 30 minutes from Bundeena Wharf > Beachcomber Ave > The entry of Royal National Park.

Out of my expectation, part of Coastal Track is sandy, part is muddy! Moreover, we have to climb! It is quite harsh!

At last, we arrive at Wedding Cake Rock! Even though the area is closed (it might collapse in 10 years!), it cannot discourage us from taking photo on the rock:-P We take the photo and leave hurriedly-_-" In fact, I ain't satisfied with the photos-_-"

One roommate always wanna go to Wedding Cake Rock. Finally we go on this beautiful Sunday. However......

We arrive Royal National Park at noon. Information Center staff tells us that it takes 2.5 hours one way... Just so, we change the plan go to India Temple and Nan Tien Temple in Woolongong...

Anyway, the view of Royal National Park is so beautiful~
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