Sunday @Nam Sang Wai 南生圍

There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all

It has been a while I haven't been to Nam Sang Wai. It is a peaceful and beautiful place in Yuen Long. When working in North New Territories several years ago, I always went there. I miss it so much, just so, re-visit here on this beautiful Sunday. Not much has changed, just a little bit......???

I still remember, go to Nam Sang Wai by walk, from Yuen Long West Railway Station, via Shan Pui Road, it takes approximately 15 minutes. I am right! BUT! Taking West Railway is relatively expensive......

我已經有一段時間沒去南生圍. 這是在元朗一個寧靜又美麗的地方. 幾年前在新界北部工作, 我常常去那裡. 我懷念的, 就是這樣, 在這美麗的星期天重遊舊地. 沒有太大的改變, 只是一點點......???

我還記得, 步行去南生圍, 從元朗西站, 途經山貝路, 大約需要15分鐘. 沒錯! 但是! 乘西鐵相對貴......

In the twinkling of an eye, I arrive at Shan Pui River. Then take a small wooden ferry across river. It is now the only river-crossing ferry in Hong Kong! It takes less than 1 minutes......

轉瞬間, 我到了山貝河. 然後乘坐小木艇渡河. 這是香港現存唯一以人手拉動的橫水渡! 不到1分鐘......

The other side of the river


Vast of Weeds


Path of River Red Gum Tree


Bear all consequence!? Who cares? Visitors take photo here one by one, and take so long......

後果自負!? 誰在乎? 遊客一個接一個在這裡拍照, 而且拍很久......

Abandoned hut, another landmark of Nam Sang Wai

被遺棄的小屋, 南生圍的另一個地標

Lovely Japanese Akita, this child doesn't listen to his master LOL

可愛的日本秋田犬, 這個小朋友不太聽他的主人 LOL

These three are different, so well-behaved~

這三位就不同, 這麼乖~

Sleepy, me too-_-zzz

想睡, 我也是-_-zzz

Walk along the river




Finally I arrive King Fai Farm, indicating close to the end of journey. As a custom, I take a break here, and enjoy a bowl of tofu pudding!!!

最後, 我來到敬輝農場, 表示接近旅程的尾聲. 照慣例, 我在這裡休息一會, 享受一碗豆腐花!!!

After the break, I continue to the walk to Yuen Long Centre.

中場休息後, 我繼續步行到元朗中心.

Not much has changed, just a little bit crowded and noisy......

沒有太大的改變, 只是一點點人多和嘈吵......
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