Cherry Blossom @Kaminari Gate Sensoji Temple

OHAYO~ Last day of the trip, we revisit Kaminari Gaten / Sensoji Temple in the early morning~ As it was raining and crowded with visitors on the first day, no mood to take photo. In the early morning, it is quite and peaceful here. The temple seems exceptionally sacred. The cherry blossom is beautiful in sunrise.


Cherry Blossom @Tokyo Imperial Palace

OH LA LA!!! To my disappointment, I could not book in advance the ticket of Ghibli Museum, one of my destination in Tokyo orz. I have not choice to cut off and reschedule. It racks my brain to think about it. I believe it is a must visit Tokyo Imperial Palace, where Emperor live. The palace is so vast and should be peaceful (if Chinese visitors not coming LOL). Even though there are not many Cherry Blossom species, the scene is elegant. We spend one lovely afternoon there. And it is nice to view sunset at House of Councillors, The National Diet of Japan.


Disney's Easter @Tokyo DisneySea

"I think what I want Disneyland to be most of all is a happy place, a place where adults and children can experience together some of the wonders of life, of adventure, and feel better because of it..."

Walt Disney


Cherry Blossom @Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

OH LA LA!!! We just learn that Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on Sunday morning (Obviously we haven't searched travel information in advance LOL). My Brother suggests to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Viewing Cherry Blossom there is not in original schedule. A blessing in disguise, the garden is so big with many Cherry Blossom species, so beautiful. It has been crowded with sea of people. It is so warm to view Cherry Blossom with family on this beautiful day. We spend one morning here. I always love this Japanese activity in Spring, so romantic!!!


Cherry Blossom @Ueno Park

MAMMA MIA!!! It is raining and chill when we arrive Tokyo, I am nearly freezed!!! After visiting Kaminari Gate / Sensoji Temple and Skytree, we detour to Kappabashi Kitchen Town. To my disappointment, many shops are closing around 5pm (so early@@!?). A blessing in disguise, we find that we can go ahead to Ueno in the same direction (by walking!!!). My brother suggests to view Cherry Blossom at Ueno Park. Great!!! It is very special to view Cherry Blossom at night. It has been crowded with many people, so lively!!! I am so happy to view this Japanese traditional Religious Festival!!!

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