Sunday @Point Danger

"Point Danger is situated on the New South Wales/Queensland border. It was named by Captain James Cook on his 1770 journey up the east coast of Australia to warn later mariners of dangerous coral reefs off this treacherous coast."

I gotta leave Gold Coast tomorrow suddenly. Many places I haven't been, Glow Worm Cave, Nimbin, Mt Tamborine, and Point Danger especially. To complete my wish, I rush to Point Danger alone today!

PS: I went to his 2nd landing - 1770 Beach in August.

New South Wales / Queensland border

I guess it is a castle at first, in fact, it is a toilet-_-"

Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse

Chart of Captain Cook's Voyage

Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779)

An 18th century explorer and navigator whose achievements in mapping the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia radically changed western perceptions of world geography.

In 1769, the planet Venus was due to pass in front of the Sun, a rare event visible only in the southern hemisphere. The British government decided to send an expedition to observe the phenomenon. A more secret motive was to search for the fabled southern continent. Cook was chosen as commander of the Whitby-built HMS Endeavour. Those on board included astronomer Charles Green and botanist Joseph Banks.

Endeavour arrived in Tahiti in April 1769 where Green was able to observe the transit of Venus. Endeavour continued on to New Zealand, and then sailed along the length of Australia's eastern coast, which had never before been seen by Europeans. Cook claimed it for Britain and named it New South Wales. Cook and his crew then returned home, arriving in July 1771.


How romantic (I am jealous._.)

Art Gallery, due to time limit, I cannot go inside to take a look...

And I don't see dolphins out to sea from Point Danger...
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