Cherry Blossom @Cheung Chau 長洲櫻花樹下

Many cherry blossoms have been reported in Hong Kong, the famous one is in Cheung Chau before, however, I never go for it. Therefore, I am determined to appreciate it this year! I have been longed for it day by day, finally, appreciate it on this beautiful Sunday. It is in full blossom at that moment, so pretty! That's why there are crowded with photographers in the early morning!

I arrive at Kwan Kung Pavilion at 08:30 am, there have been crowded with photographers already. Thank God, the weather is pretty good in the morning! Cherry bloom looks pretty good under the morning sun!

As caption: Under the Cheung Chau's Cherry Blossom

Closeup of cherry blossom

Honey bee is working-hard!

Another cherry blossom species nearby.

Kwan Kung Pavilion
was built in 1973. It is a temple dedicated to Kwan Ti, one of the most popular gods worshipped in Hong Kong. Kwan Ti was a historical figure in the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-280 A.D.). He was a mighty general of the country Shu and had helped Liu Pei, Emperor of Shu, to take power. Characterized by a red face, he is the symbol of righteousness, power and loyalty. He is widely worshipped in Hong Kong...

Other plants at Kwan Kung Pavilion.

See you next time~

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