Singapore Family Trip Day 1 - Merlion Park & Marina Bay Sands

Singapura - Lion City!!! Here We Are!!!

"In 11th century A.D, Prince Sang Nila Utama of Sri Vijaya Empire rediscovered Singapore. When he first landed on Singapore's shores, he sighted a mystical beast, which he learnt later that was a lion. He then decided to name the island 'Singapura', which in Sanskrit means Lion (Singa) City (Pura). The fish tail of Merlion symbolises the ancient city of Temasek and represents Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village..."

After watching Garden Rhapsody at Supertree Grove, Gardens By The Bay, we go to Merlion Park, via Helix Bridge, along Singapore River, by walk...

ArtScience Museum

Financial Center of Singapore

Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands

Light Show

Singapore Flyer

After taking photos at Merlion Park, we find MRT and pass several beautiful architectures.

What are these?
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