Luna Park @Sydney

"4 October 1935, Luna Park opens with rides relocated from Luna Park Glenelg. The concept is based on the success of the first Luna Park which opened on Coney Island, New York in 1903. American entrepreneur Herman Philips and others brought the idea to Australia and opened Luna Park Melbourne in 1912 and Luna Park Glenelg, Adelaide in 1930..."

It was pity that I didn't visit the one in Melbourne. To my surprise, see its remarkable entrance on the way to accommodation, in the late evening, with whitish lighting, it is very impressive. However, I cannot get off to take a photo.

(Obviously, I haven't done homework:-P I don't know there is another one in Sydney and it is free entry:-P And I always feel that the entrance is strange ^_^!)

I think that the ferry wheel is not stable^_^!

So Weird! And the staff imitates them! But I have no enough time to take a photo of him.

Super Daniel says that it is too weird! Like the movie Final Destination, if one screw sheds off......

Photo on 26/11/2014

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