Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks

In Mildura, we promised to see again at Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks. In the end, just only Ben (Silly Boss) and me come...

It is very hot and boring! However, I think I have to be crazy once in my life! No second time! And it deserves to ring in New Year with sososo many people in this metropolis. I determine to record the whole firework, however, it is very smoky, and nothing happen at the bridge occasionally, as I just focus on the bridge...

10:15 - Pass through several setbacks, we arrive Sydney Opera House finally......

Suspicious stuff is found in our area!!! Police evacuate us to a safe place!!!
A pillow covered with a white sheet is left under bench so long-_-"
Someone thinks that it is suspicious and call the police-_-"

Right Here Waiting

People Mountain People Sea - the color spots on the slope are tents / umbrella actually!!!

17:00 - Air Display above Sydney Harbour

20:30 - Nightfall
Ben teaches me how to adjust ISO and Shutter when taking night scene.
And I do it!!! It is pretty good, without tripod.
Setting: ISO 800, Shutter 1/4s

I am touched that I can take a good shootT_T

22:00 - 2nd Rehearsal

Traffic jam after firework

Happy 2015 ^_^
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