Cherry Blossom @Ueno Park

MAMMA MIA!!! It is raining and chill when we arrive Tokyo, I am nearly freezed!!! After visiting Kaminari Gate / Sensoji Temple and Skytree, we detour to Kappabashi Kitchen Town. To my disappointment, many shops are closing around 5pm (so early@@!?). A blessing in disguise, we find that we can go ahead to Ueno in the same direction (by walking!!!). My brother suggests to view Cherry Blossom at Ueno Park. Great!!! It is very special to view Cherry Blossom at night. It has been crowded with many people, so lively!!! I am so happy to view this Japanese traditional Religious Festival!!!

Hexagonal tower floating in the middle of Shinobazu Pond, can be recognized even from above.

So gorgeous!!!

Sea of people come to the Religious Festival.

The "Benten" of "Bentendo" is derived from the name of the goddess enshrined there, "Benzaiten". Praying to Benzaiten is said to grant good fortune in areas such as academic studies, arts, property, and relationships.

Cherry Blossom at night is so elegant!

We stay there for awhile. It is pity that I cannot revisit in daytime, later in this journey......
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